The Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup is powered by FIFA Ultimate Team™ and the competitive game mode FUT Champions. Follow the instructions below to compete in the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series. Dominate the series and you could win a place at the FIFA eWorld Cup!

To start, you will need:
• A PlayStation®4 or an Xbox One
• A copy of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18
• An Internet connection
• An EA account
• To be registered on

To set up an EA account:
• Go to
• Click on 'join now’
• Click on 'Create your EA Account’
• Submit your email and your personal data
• Accept the Terms and Conditions

To register for FUT Champions:
• Once you’re logged in with your EA Online account, click on 'FUT Champions’ and 'Become eligible’.
• Fill in your country of residence (the country entered must match your passport) and date of birth.
• Select the option allow EA to contact you in order to be eligible to win prizes.

Qualification for the FIFA eWorld Cup takes place through the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series. There are a variety of qualification paths in the Global Series: FUT Champions Cups, FIFA eClub World Cup, Official League Competitions and Licensed Qualifying Competitions. Find what’s necessary for each path outlined below:

FUT Champions Cups
To participate in the FUT Champions Cups, players need to fight their way through online qualification. In the online section of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team mode, participants find the option to compete in FUT Champions. Winning against the best FIFA 18 players will grant you access to the weekend leagues.

During the weekend leagues, players compete in 40 games over the course of a weekend, with their total monthly wins and skill points placing them on both their regional (Americas, Europe and Rest of World) and Global Leaderboard. Top eligible players on the Global FUT Champions Leaderboard during qualifying months will receive an invitation to the competition.

FIFA eClub World Cup
Official Teams from the world of football, clubs from other professional sports and actual eSports teams, all coming together to participate in the first-ever cross-sport FIFA tournament – The FIFA eClub World Cup! 

Official League Qualifying Competitions
The EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series (the name for the qualification phase of the FIFA eWorld Cup) will include the eSports counterparts of several professional football leagues as official qualifying tournaments for the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs. Detailed information on the league tournaments will be released shortly.

Once a league is announced as an official qualification event, check the leagues’ official websites to find out more on how to register and how to become eligible for the competitions. Each league will have different participation regulations, so pay close attention to dates and qualification modes. Make sure to check out how many of the top ranked players from your league will be allowed to move to the Global Series Playoffs.

Licensed Qualifying Competitions
There will be a variety of official licensed qualifying competitions held by third party organisations passionate about EA SPORTS™ FIFA. More details regarding the various events will be announced shortly. Please note that these tournaments may vary in terms of qualification format and the number qualifying places for the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs.

Getting in touch with the FIFA eWorld Cup
You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about joining the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup in our dedicated FAQs section. Follow @FIFAeWorldCup on Twitter and the FIFA eWorld Cup on Facebook to get in touch directly.