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Saint Petersburg

  • Founded in: 1703
  • Population: 5.2 million
  • Distance to Moscow: 687 km

Founded by Peter I the Great in 1703 as Russia’s new imperial capital, Saint Petersburg is the ultimate embodiment of artistic talent. Europe’s best architects and Russia’s foremost creative talents, including Alexander Pushkin, Nikolay Gogol, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Dmitry Shostakovich and Joseph Brodsky, left their indelible imprints on this remarkable city.

From architecture and city planning to the performing talents of the Mariinsky Opera and Ballet to the masterpieces of the magnificent Hermitage Museum, everything in this delightful city is focused on beauty and elegance. The city’s legendary drawbridges over the grand Neva River and the famous “White Nights” in June draw tens of thousands of tourists every year.

Saint Petersburg city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tourism is one of the key sectors of the city’s economy. Saint Petersburg welcomes up to five million tourists each year, more than any other city in Russia.

In the same artistic tradition, a new state-of-the-art 69,000-seat stadium is being constructed on Krestovsky Island facing the Baltic Sea. Resembling a spaceship, it was designed by the famous architect Kisho Kurokawa. The stadium will have a retractable pitch, ensuring that the quality of the turf remains high regardless of the weather.

FIFA Fan Fest™

FIFA Fan Fest Saint Petersburg 3D Rendering

Location: Konyushennaya Square

Venue Capacity: 15,000

Cultural and Historical Value: Located in the heart of the historical city center, directly next to the city´s main sights – the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Hermitage museum and Palace square, – the square took its name from The Main Imperial Stables, which facade forms the appearance of the area at the present day.

Besides the square itself, the site includes the adjacent embankment of Moika river and part of the Field of Mars park.

For more information on the FIFA Fan Fest in Saint Petersburg during Russia 2018, head here!