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  • Founded in: 1641
  • Population: 307,000
  • Distance to Moscow: 650 km

Located in central Russia, Saransk is the capital of the Republic of Mordovia and the area where all Finno-Ugric nations began. It is one of the most pleasant cities in Russia, regularly scoring high in the All-Russia city competition in recent years. This relatively small city is actively promoting sports and has commenced construction of a new, state-of-the-art 40,000-seat football stadium.

Mordovia’s athletes take part in more than 100 world, European and national competitions each year.

Modern Mordovia carefully protects the unique languages and cultures of the Moksha and Erzya ethnic groups, who inhabited the area for centuries. They belong to the Finno-Ugrian group, along with the Hungarians, Finns, Estonians and others. Saransk is a frequent venue for ethnographic and folklore festivals aimed at preserving national identity, culture and customs.

FIFA Fan Fest™

FIFA Fan Fest Saransk 3D Rendering

Location: Sovetskaya Square

Venue Capacity: 20,000

Cultural and Historical Value: The main square of the city, Sovetskaya square features several historic buildings and monuments of Saransk history and culture. All significant municipal and regional cultural, sports events and festivals are held here.

In close proximity to the square are the Cathedral of St righteous warrior Feodor Ushakov, the sculptural collection "Family", the Puskin Park of Culture and Rest, the memorial sign to the founders of Saransk, the Mordovia State National Drama Theatre among other sights. Since the 17th century it has changed names on several occasions. Previous names of the square are: Sobornaya, Bazarnaya and Revolution.

Sovetskaya Square is a popular place when it comes to family leisure and roller sport activities, and also acts as a promenade for guests.

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